Grace is so much more!

It’s only the first blog post…as if I can explain now what the Holy Spirit is going to lay on my heart for the rest of this blog…

This will definitely not be a reactionary blog…I will not be focusing my writings in response to anything except what I believe the Holy Spirit lays on my heart at the time.  Yes, I have used that phrase twice already and I should probably explain why:

To my traditional protestant and more “charismatic” friends:  I know that this phrase is used commonly in a lot of churches that are not charismatic and I will use it instead of the sometimes ambiguous (that took a few tries, thanks spell-check!) phrases that are used in charismatic circles. Phrases like; “God told me”, “I heard God say” and etc… also because it is a much more accurate way to describe the way that I believe God communicates to me.

So, this post should probably be almost over and it is barely started.  My point was supposed to be that I have many things concerning God that I am very passionate about and prayerfully study very intently. These things are always based on His written word, the Bible. Within His word, we know that there are very wonderful words! Some of these words have been given very simple definitions (or mistranslated) that have seriously minimized the beauty and power of these words.

For example: The word grace has been labeled “God’s unmerited favor” and that is part of it, for sure! But, the truth is that the Bible mentions grace/charis =Greek over 150 times in the NT alone and if we limit that word to “God’s unmerited favor” every time we read it, we are going to have a significantly smaller version of grace than God’s written word conveys.

I believe that someone reading this, right now, just had this thought: “So, this is going to be a word study blog?” And the answer is…Sometimes! But, not usually. Oh, and whoever it was that had that thought, please email me… yeah, that sounded weird…

That brings me to another topic that I will be writing about.

Hmmm…let’s call it: beginner’s prophecy. Because, that’s what I am. I am still a beginner in prophetic words and experiences. You know: dreams, pictures, strange tingling sensations during times of prayer or worship…You get the idea. If you think this kind of stuff is crazy than you probably would think it’s crazy to think that God can wake you up in the middle of the night because He wants you to get on your knees or face and worship or intercede. But, this is my life and sometimes it is very strange. But, I think that the Bible is clear that Jesus did too and if the Bible gives us a precedent, in the example of our Lord and Savior, than I want in!

So, that’s enough for now…and I didn’t even touch the Biblical concept of grace. Yeah, this going to be interesting. Expect more Scripture passages. More simple Greek definitions, more questions than answers and definitely expect the unexpected. I promise you that you will find a very different perspective on God, the Word and the world here than you will find anywhere else.  Hopefully, you find a different vantage point on Jesus, the truth…because we all have a different perspective of His glorious light and God’s perspective is the only perspective that matters.

“The Lord knows the thoughts of man, that they are worthless/vanity/futile.” Psalm 94:11

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