Receive what you already have been given

Everyone will come back to a healthy fear of the Lord eventually,  we might as well do it now. “Ask and you will receive”(1) The fear of YHWH is a gift.(2)When we are in Christ we have every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly realm(3) but since our real life is hidden with Christ in God, we need to fix our heart on things above (4) so those spiritual blessings can be manifested here but, we have not because we ask not (5) that’s why Paul prayed fervently for the people who were already believers to be filled with God’s spiritual wisdom and understanding (6) because the promise is already given to the believer but there are many spiritual blessings that are hidden that He desires to reveal to us because it has been given to us to know the secrets of the Kingdom and the riches of our glorious inheritance in Christ! (7) These secrets cannot be contained in a bank account because they are heavenly and spiritual, they are of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken! (8)



(1) Luke 11:9 (2) Isaiah 11:3, 33:6, Jeremiah 32:39 (3) Eph.1:3 (4) Col.3:1-3 (5) James 4:3 (6) Col.1:9-11, Eph.1:17 (7) Eph.1:18, Matt.13:11 (8) Heb.12:28

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