Personal Prophetic Words


This is for any born-again believers that may be skeptical about the relevance of prophecy today or maybe just newly introduced to the idea. Because, I can relate to the struggles and doubts that you may be going through. I was there as well, not too long ago. Here are 2 examples of prophetic words that I have received in the past year or so that are like strong stones, laid in my foundation of faith.

10/27/2013 (according to my journal)-A little back-story: I almost did not attend a “Prophetic Workshop” that was introduced through our church because I was overly interested in the gifts of healing and not obeying God’s instruction in 1 Cor.14:1- “Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.” Not to ignore the emphasis on love but, God does want us to eagerly desire to prophesy! Fortunately, I followed the Holy Spirit and attended the workshop. My life will never be the same again! At the workshop we were taught many valuable truths about what prophecy is and what it is not and when it was over, I approached the teacher (now my friend, Doug Hershey from ) and asked him to pray for me. He prayed and prophesied a few things but, the thing that I want to highlight is that he said “You get up really early to spend time with God don’t you? God really enjoys that time together.”

This man had never met me before and had no way of knowing that I got up very early to seek God’s face. He had heard this from God and it rocked me…I have never thought of God enjoying that time, it really opened up my heart to a Fatherly, friend aspect of God that suddenly showed me how personal Daddy really is…and I wept in Doug’s arms (which was probably a little awkward for 2 men to be doing in front of everyone and I value that freedom.) That word from Father has inspired me to wake up even earlier and I treasure my morning time with God even more because I will always remember that word!

The Second word was given by a friend of Doug’s at a more advanced “Lancaster School of Prophetic” in July of 2014 but first, a little back-story: The previous week, a friend at “LSOP” had mentioned how his son had “favor with man” and later, I said to God “I want favor with you and man, like in Proverbs 3: “Never let loyalty/faith and kindness/love leave you. Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. Then you will find favor with both God and people, and you will earn a good reputation.”

That was the only time that I had ever asked God for that but, that word is hidden in my heart so I knew it was His will. Within a week, a prophetic prayer warrior named Shirley spoke at LSOP and since it was near the end of the classes she felt that God wanted her to lay hands, pray and possibly prophesy with anyone that was interested. So, I waited in line and when it was my turn, she spoke very briefly and said; “you are growing in favor with God and man.” and I was speechless!

She didn’t need to say anything else and somehow she knew it! She had heard from God, something that I had only prayed once in the past week and God was apparently so pleased to answer that He spoke to her that promise to give to me! When you hear a promise from God that clearly, you can NEVER forget it! That’s the power of a prophetic word from God.

Something that I feel is crucial to point out, is that true prophetic words from God NEVER contradict His written word. However, one of the things that they do is quicken that written word. Maybe a good way of understanding this outdated term is that prophetic words can bring the written word to new life and make it personal!

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