Dream for the body of Christ

I have never had a dream before that I believe was for many born-again believers, usually they are for myself and family.  But, I had this dream Saturday night that I shared with my wife on the way to Church Sunday morning and was convinced that I was supposed to share it. We arrived late but, when our lead pastor mentioned King David’s wives being captured and David pursuing the enemy to rescue them; my wife and I looked at each other and it seemed like confirmation.

It was like I was seeing through the eyes of a king. I was not him and I did not see Him but, I was seeing with him and knew His thoughts.He was in His Castle and His servants thought He was asleep and He knew they were bringing Him bad news. The messenger that came to Him twisted the message so that it sounded different than the truth that the King knew. The messenger told the King how he had been out defending the King’s territory and possessions and while He was valiantly battling on the King’s behalf, The Kings bride had disappeared. The servants thought that maybe she had run away or been kidnapped but, they could not find her.

The King knew that the story was mixed with half-truths, He knew that His servants had talked together, trying to conceive a way to tell the King without admitting their negligence.

The King began to search His own house before he went looking for the bride. He wanted to root out the untrustworthy servants in His house first. He went into the basement and turned the lights on.

In the basement there was a refrigerator full of drinks and I was appalled by how many drinks had been ignored for so long in the back of the fridge. There was so much good drink that had gotten pushed to the back by newer drinks and the old drink had been neglected. It made me think that they didn’t “rotate their milk”. When we buy milk, we put the newer milk in the back to make sure the older milk gets drank first. (This seemed to be very broad and have different applications to people in different ways.)

(There seemed to be a gap here…)

The next thing I clearly remember, was something like the King finally getting the news that the Bride had actually been dismembered. From the outside of the castle, all I could see was a huge stained glass window and the King’s sword came crashing through it. It looked like He was coming out of the castle to rescue His bride!

During the dream, I couldn’t understand if the bride was lost, had run away, been kidnapped or torn apart. After pondering this I realized that they all apply! Since His bride is one body that has many members, she has many different needs.

The King is coming to restore His bride! Wherever she is dismembered, lost, confused, in bondage or has even run away; the King is coming to make her whole, to resurrect her, to heal her and restore her!


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