A Tale of 2 Trees – Prophecy for 2015


I believe that this is a word from the Lord, specifically for Lancaster, Pa. area and possibly for more Christians in America.

2015 will bring the best of times and the worst of times. The hard rains are coming.

The House of God has 2 types of trees. Any tree that is not a “tree of life” will experience a great shaking. Even the good trees will be pruned of any dead branches or false fruit. Anything that is not bearing “fruit of the Spirit” will be pruned or cut off.

The roots of the trees must continue to grow into the “River of Life”. This is not a time of resting on laurels but to seek an increase of growth! In humility and repentance seek more and more grace and you will receive it.

The other trees; “trees of knowledge of good and evil” will wither and their fruit will be seen for what it is…plastic, artificial, lifeless and false fruit will be shaken to the ground as the “Living Waters” rage around all roots, exposing any weakness. These waters will strengthen and nourish the good trees with new life, power and glory for every branch of every tree that bears good fruit.

The trees in God’s orchard will be seen clearly for what they are. Either “trees of life” or “knowledge of good and evil”. Fake plastic trees will have no place in His Kingdom! In our own household; God’s righteous judgements will begin as we are taken to a new level of clarity in dividing between soul and spirit, spiritual discernment. This is what we have prayed for, even if it is different than what we expect.

Bear fruit that remains! One who abides in Him bears abiding fruit.

This is new territory for me and when I told the Lord “I am not ready to do this”, I felt that He made it clear “that is why He is using me to do this.” May the Lord bring increase!

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