Take that Lamborghini for a Spin!


This analogy is imperfect but, picture your soul as a garage. Before you were born-again, you have hordes of junk…er, “stuff” stashed everywhere in your soul that you should’ve thrown out but, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. If you lived 30 years before being born-again, you probably collected a lot more worldly “treasures” (garbage) than others…

Imagine that you have underneath everything else an old junk car that you intended to restore because you believed it had the potential to be something really beautiful. But, that old car is completely rusted, down to the very frame. The engine is seized and the transmission needs a complete overhaul. Even the wiring in the car has been chewed by rats and absolutely nothing in the car works. It has no value whatsoever, not even for scrap because the metal is rusted that much!

Let’s call that worthless hunk of junk, your old man. That car is your spirit, before you were born-again. (Eph.2:1,5)

Well that car; buried underneath boxes, bags and piles of rubbish was completely removed when you were born-again! Not only that but, God gave you His perfect Spirit and you are now joined to Him in Spirit! (1 Cor.6:17, Eph.1:3 & 2:6) Let’s think of that new spirit as a brand new Lamborghini. 🙂 God has given your spirit the very best that He had…the same Spirit that was in Christ Jesus and all the power, love and every other spiritual blessing! (Eph.1:3,18,19 & Rom.5:5)

God didn’t bother trying to restore what was worthless, He actually killed that old clunker with Jesus on the cross over 2,000 years ago! (Rom.6:1-13) You don’t have to try to restore it, your spirit is a new creation in Christ Jesus! (2 Cor.5:17)

But, that verse says “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come!” What about all of that other junk in your soul? It’s probably still there, covered in dust; completely burying your brand new Lamborghini. Because you, in your entire being are not a new creature!

Wait a minute! The Bible says…

Yeah, the Bible says “IF ANYONE IS IN CHRIST, he is a new creation…”

Remember what Heb.4:12 states? Basically, that the Word of God divides between soul and spirit? I believe that Jesus must divide between soul and spirit in that verse. Your spirit is in Christ upon being born-again but, your soul and body are not.

Neither your soul, nor body are a new creation…YET!

Now doesn’t that make more sense? I believe the Holy Spirit is testifying to this truth to your spirit right now! If you are unfamiliar with the witness of the Spirit, take note! In my experience, He very often “resonates” to truth in a very similar way.

Your spirit is in Christ and a new creation, in your spirit the old has gone and the new has come! Now it’s time to take that power and use it! It’s time to know and reckon what we have been given in Christ. (Rom. chapters 6-8)

“Having, then, these promises, beloved, may we cleanse ourselves from every pollution of flesh and spirit, perfecting sanctification in the fear of God! (2 Cor.7:1)

The sooner we clean the junk out of our garage, the sooner we can take that Lamborghini out and take it for a spin! I believe that He has even given us this spirit, to follow daily (Rom. Chapter 8). The Spirit is supposed to be our “daily driver”, not just a weekend cruiser!

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