To be Known by God

Recently, I have been asking God “what it means to be known by Him?”

Because Jesus warned the disciples that many would do miraculous works in His name and still be kept out of His Kingdom because He did not know them.

Clearly Jesus knows everyone. All things are by Him, through Him and for Him. But, this is some kind of intimate “knowing”, not just intellectual knowledge. Yesterday, my prayer was answered in this verse:


1 Cor. 8:3 “But if anyone agape/loves God, he is known by God.

Being known by God is simply agape loving Him. Not just “loving” him like I love my dog or my house. Agape is that completely selfless, always devoted and never failing love described in 1 Cor.13. This is more than being born-again by believing in Jesus and being “saved”. Based on the above verse, Jesus said that whoever does not truly agape love Him will not enter His Kingdom! (Matt.7:21-23)

It’s all about agape/loving God! If anyone thinks that they know God and they agape/love the things of this world and “rest on their laurels” in their relationship with God; they better ask God to test their heart! God is not interested in “getting anyone to Heaven”…He wants to bring Heaven to earth through His children and that starts with loving Him with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength!

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