An Accidental Vaccination- A true story


There seems to be some contention between blogging parents that vaccinate and those that don’t. They probably all have come good points and some misconceptions, as we all do. Yes even, Holy Spirit-filled believers, like myself admit that we do things that are not lead by God.

There is way too much information on both sides for me to explore, let alone digest. I am in no way going to attempt to debate the issue, but I do have a real life story to share that may help reconcile some of our differences. This is My family’s true story about the day that our son was mistakenly vaccinated by our Hospital.

After our daughter Grace was born, we decided to stop vaccinating. Thankfully, we didn’t have any bad experiences or horror stories but after some research; we felt it was God’s will for us. (I only stress for us because want to be clear that I am not in any way trying to imply that it is God’s will for everyone to immediately stop vaccinating their children.)

So when our son Daniel was born, we filled out the Hospital’s forms declining ALL vaccinations and signed them all in complete compliance. As husband and wife, we were in full agreement and no amount of earthly persuasion was going to change our minds.

I don’t remember every detail but, it was the first night we spent at the Hospital after he was born and we were both actually sound asleep. It was one of the few times that we had wheeled Daniel to the nursery for a couple hours, so that we could catch a real nap in the middle of the night. Some time between midnight and 4AM a nurse burst into our room crying and apologizing…

What I remember is that she was very upset because she had accidentally given our son a vaccine and she was really, really sorry. My response was something like: “Are you kidding me?” Not so much because of the mistake but, because of the way she had decided to inform us. I told her that we would talk about it later and we went back to sleep.

It might make for a more interesting story if I could remember how and when my wife and I discussed how we would respond but, I can’t. I do remember that we agreed all we could really do was trust God. (Which should be the beginning and end of all we should ever do anyway!)

The nurse came back at a decent hour and in a less emotional state and we had a good little talk. She apologized and explained how the vaccine form looks pretty similar, whether declined or accepted. She was so accustomed to giving the vaccine that she gave it to Daniel and didn’t realize it until it was too late. She was going to have us talk to her supervisor and an incident report was going to be filed.

We could have thrown the book at her and the hospital. They had no legal ground to stand on because we had properly signed all of their required documents and their staff had very clearly dropped the ball. But, we weren’t interested in “striking it rich” with a huge lawsuit or even getting anyone in trouble with their superiors. We just didn’t want our son vaccinated and now it was too late. It could not be undone by any our our efforts.

So we explained that we didn’t need to talk to a supervisor, we were going to let it go. She didn’t need to file a report for our sake, the Hospital couldn’t change anything. We were just going to trust God and rely on His grace and we wanted her to know that we forgave her. We could see that it was an honest mistake and that was the end of the drama.

Since then we still have issues, regularly, at the local Pediatricians. Sometimes, it seems they are trying to intimidate us into vaccinating.

It won’t work.

The last time we took Daniel (who is now 15 months old) they even mentioned that his records say that he was vaccinated at the Hospital…as if that fact would persuade us to suddenly give him every vaccination that they were recommending. I don’t think the Dr. had any idea of why he was vaccinated once and only once but, I gave her the rundown. I made it very clear that we still were not interested in blaming the Hospital for their mistake and it was all water under the bridge. Unfortunately that did not seem to make a difference on her opinion towards us and our right to choose no more vaccinations.

The Physicians are employed and they have their knowledge based on their education. I believe that most of them are honestly doing what they truly believe is best. But, who among claims to be completely correct in all things?

I know that we will deal with these things every single visit and I don’t look forward to it. Sometimes, I wonder if I can be a light for Jesus or if they just consider me a primitive, uneducated zealot. Because every time I go there (or anywhere) I want to be a witness for Jesus, not an advocate of any lesser cause like vaccinations; whether for or against.

My wife and I don’t claim to be the most wise people to ever walk the planet but, she has her doctorate of pharmacy and we have done some research. We agree that there are potentially both clear benefits and concerns to vaccinations and have simply decided to trust the creator’s natural way. Just like we are trusting God to protect our children from the vaccines that they have been given, we are trusting God to protect them from the sicknesses that are out there that only He can protect them from.

Either way, we should not be afraid but be in faith! “whatever is not from faith is sin.” (Rom.14:23)

Maybe what’s most important is not whether we do or do not vaccinate but, where we place our trust. We should not put our trust in vaccinations, apart from God and we should not put our trust in not vaccinating apart from God. Whether we vaccinate, don’t vaccinate or mistakenly get vaccinated our trust should always and only be in the Lord.

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