Living Like Children of God


The Holy Spirit will guide us by giving us a desire to do what please the Father (Phil.2:13) this is conviction (John 16:8), He does not condemn us (Rom.8:1) He also does not want to command us, the commandments are in the Bible and they are simply “LOVE” (Gal.5:14).

As we obey Him and love, He reveals more truth, setting us more and more free! (John 8:32) Because God desires children that love to obey and don’t try to obey to love.

He desires children that delight in delighting Him, not striving to serve Him. The Holy Spirit wants to testify with our spirits that we are children, not slaves (Rom.8:14-17) because a mature son does KNOW that he is secure in the Father’s love and cannot and should not ever try to earn the love of the Father! (remember the parable of the prodigal son)

We are loved because of Jesus, and His love is lavished upon us so that we would truly recognize who we are in Christ (1 John 3:1). We are not called to be servants but sons and daughters of the Most High King! We aren’t serving a tyrant, we are loving the perfect Father! Let’s live like sons and daughters of God because that is who we are called to be!

Mature sons of God don’t live in condemnation because the blood of Jesus will cleanse even our conscience, our hearts from condemnation! We are meant to follow the Spirit in attitudes bearing fruit of the Spirit because the Holy Spirit convicts according to His fruit!


The Holy Spirit guides in peace of mind, joy, hope, faith and especially love! If we aren’t experiencing that kind of fruit; we have veered from His path. This is the point that the enemy attempts to condemn and the Spirit only convicts! If we will follow pure agape/love, joy and peace; we will always be on the right path!

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