A Word From the Lord


The Lord spoke this to my spirit this morning and it is unlike anything that I had ever before considered. It is beyond my experience or understanding but, an invitation from Him to walk with him in greater intimacy.

“I just want to do everything with you. It’s not so much about what you do for me but, that we do it together. Remember that I told you that the key was to abide in me, the vine. You know that abiding in me is the only we to bear everlasting fruit (John 15:5)…that is fruit of the Spirit. (Gal.5:22,23) When we are doing things together, you bear fruit of the spirit and when you stop abiding in me and focus on yourself or your ways; you stop bearing my fruit. That bears fruit of the flesh, which does not last (Gal.6:8) You do this everyday and I am not mad. It saddens me to see you step off my perfect path of light even for a moment. That path leads to failure but, staying in my heavenly mind; the mind of Christ that I have given you (1 Cor. 2:16)…(in your spirit)… and fixing your thoughts on who I AM brings you constantly deeper into my righteousness, joy and peace! You can abide in the depths of my Kingdom in this life; deeper, richer and fuller every day! I did not place a limit on your intimacy with me. Man, the enemy, religion, doctrine and experience have all attempted to create a cage to trap your spirit to conform to this world but, I have told you that: “the walls have come down (Heb.11:30), the chains are broken (Psalm 116:16), the captives have been set free (Eph.4:8); my grace is sufficient for you (2 Cor.12:9)!” (in your born-again spirit!) The only walls are those that you allow in your flesh at the moment. Stop resurrecting walls and continue to receive the empowering grace of my promise that we may walk together in every area forever! This is why I created you, formed you, chose you and called you by your name; my child. You are my child and you are called to friendship; not servant-hood.

I don’t want you to eat from the pig troughs in a distant land or even to slave for me at home; squandering your inheritance and neglecting to ask me for even a goat. I have prepared a bountiful table before you; here in the presence of your enemies and yet you continue to look at the enemies or your own weaknesses and feed on the filth that the flies have touched. Don’t you see the abundant feast of my promises that my words are spread out before you? I promised you that you will never thirst or hunger again and yet you keep asking me to feed you; while you drink from the dirty streams and yet my purest fountain of life is within your spirit! (John 7:38) I will bypass your corrupted mind because I AM the filter and I AM the pure water! I AM in you; even when you stop abiding in me because I have promised that I will never leave you or forsake you! You don’t have to ask me to come because I am with you wherever you are!

Feast on my flesh and my blood because my words are spirit and life (John 6:52-63)! This is the hunger that your mind and soul is experiencing because the fullness of my living waters is joined to your spirit! Only I can satisfy your every good desire with the very life that I have already placed inside of you! I am here now and you will hear me. You will be taught by me (John 6:45), consume from me and be satisfied with all that I AM.

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