Our Good Shepherd


The Scriptures describe a journey with the Good Shepherd from the bondage of sin through the dry wilderness into  the promised land of rest. Jesus is the light of our path, the highway of holiness that we walk on, our guide, our rear guard, the green pastures that we eat from and the river of life that we drink from along the way.

He is the sheepfold that we sleep in at night, the door for us and the very ground that we stand on. He is also the covenant of love and mercy that covers us like a blanket, wrapping us in the wings of his faithful promises. Wherever we are in this journey; our trust should always and only be in him.
The world has their own way and it is all darkness. But, we walk in the light as we are in the light. In His light we see more light. He is the light within us and we are now his light within the world.
If we take our eyes off him and begin to fix our thoughts on things below by leaning on our own understanding; it is like pausing in our walk and leaning on a wall that is built on the worlds shifting sand. It cannot hold us up when the winds and rain come. We have to keep moving with our hearts and minds set on him and his ways because every way that is wise to man and the world leads to death/failure. We even do this by being self-conscious because thinking of ourselves takes our thoughts off Him. We set our thoughts on eternal things not temporal things that are passing away!
Practically; We don’t simply think about Heaven, a beautiful city in the clouds…we settle our attention on knowing who God really is more and more. As we grow in faith and knowledge of Him; we see how empty and worthless anything of our flesh; apart from Him we are. We don’t even desire to do anything apart from Him because the flesh profits nothing and apart from him we can do no good thing but in him we WILL ALWAYS bear fruit that remains forever!
There is a place of rest for our souls where He carries the yoke of His cross with us and it is easy and light. He carries the bulk of the cross; he just wants us on the other end; joined with Him. As we do this, we will perceive Him beside us, below our feet, lighting the way in front of us and especially within us!
Wherever we need him the most; he is already there revealing the way! It is His good will to guide us deeper and fuller into this place of complete trust and intimacy with Him. Whatever is going on around us is only attempts to distract us from who He is because He is the one worthy of all things! He is the first and the last, the author and finisher of our faith! He has started this work and only he is able to complete it! He is our source…the seed birthed us of God; He is the rain that waters us, the one pruning us, the vine that we are attached to and He is our destination. Anything that takes our attention off Him is a lying distraction because He is the all in all!

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