Shake off any weariness!

Shake off the tiredness and run with endurance by seeking and meditating on the Lord ! (Heb.12:1-3) I really believe there has been a weariness trying to cover us but; His grace! Also, had been “hearing” a lot of different lies; unlike the usual daily temptations. There seems to be new or different “voices” trying to whisper lies to us.
WHY? Because the Lord HAS released the answers to our prayers and it’s new revelation of HIM in truth. Deeper intimacy and understanding of his unfathomable love…deeper depths of the Heart of God and the lies are reactions to attempt to distract from His goodness! What had you been praying for?
We are taking new ground and we need improved weapons. Sharpen your swords with NEW verses versus the new lies and polish your shield with increased, different faith in who the Lord is. He hasn’t changed but, if we want to grow in him; our understanding of who He really is needs to continue to be honed. We put on Christ; who is our armor of light, our weapons of warfare in the right and left and we will not grow weary but wait on the Lord to receive the strength of an eagle!

2 thoughts on “Shake off any weariness!

  1. Ask daily to be refilled, re-fueled, restored, rebuilt, renewed, regenerated by the Light of Christ that is beyond anything of this world! Be encouraged! Be uplifted! Not only are his mercies new every morning, but also his grace, goodness, healing, reconciling, restoring, rebuilding, repairing, redounding glory and true Light! Be filled and filled again until your well is full and bubbling up like a fountain to eternal life, now and forever and ever Amen!

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