Our Most Recent Battle


A brief summary of our very real experiences from the past week.

TUESDAY morning is my day to wake up very early to pray and worship. As my alarm went off; I woke from a dream from the Lord. In the dream, my dad (representing Father?) was prophesying over sons like Jacob did in the O.T. He spoke something to my Uncle Paul and then I felt there was one more son. Someone said it was me and it was like I woke up within the dream and was promised I was about to defeat an army like the Philistines and a giant like Goliath (The entire dream here). Immediately, I felt like David, who had to take bread and cheese to his brothers.

Not knowing how to apply this practically; I continued asking the Lord for wisdom and insight in the knowledge of His will (according to Col.1:9-11) and knowing that I would receive it (according to James 1:5,6). Tuesday and Wed. I even asked friends on FB to pray that for me.

Later Tuesday morning; Grace woke up pretty sick and I believed (and still do) that was part of the battle and prayed believing that her healing was promised according to many Scriptures because of Jesus.

THURSDAY morning our pastor leads a prayer hour at his house and during that time Hebrews 12:1-3 were given to us from the Lord as a huge encouragement. The Lord laid many things on my heart on the drive home but especially; to call my dad and encourage him to consider resting before his scheduled missions trip to Haiti on Monday. To be clear; I do not go around giving advice to my dad or elders unsolicited but, my dad was planning on handing out Bibles in Lancaster the next day and I believed that the Lord was recommending he simply rest instead. When I called him, he informed me that he was already resting a lot lately because he felt completely exhausted and had been in bed for I don’t know how long.

I believed that the enemy was trying to prevent him from going on the Haiti trip and after praying; received Psalm 118:17 for my dad ~ “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.” (It came to me slightly different ~ ” I will not die but live, and declare the goodness of the Lord!”)

There was a lot of prayer and thanks for God’s promises of health and life for my dad over the next few days!

FRIDAY morning I was awoke from one of the most wicked dreams I can remember. I laid in bed and prayed, thanking God for the blood of Jesus, declaring Jesus as Lord over me and my family (also home and possessions). There had been a very long storm system with inches upon inches of rain the past few days but, that night might have been the worst of it because our internet service was not functioning; which means that we had almost no cell-phone service because we have a microcell due to horrible reception otherwise.

I made a few attempts in human reason to resolve the internet problem and was able to get a scheduled service for Friday afternoon. Late morning, I finally stopped depending on my own understanding and talked to the Lord about it and admitted to him that I was convinced it was the enemy trying to disrupt our lives and communication because God knew that I had a lot of phone calls and internet things to do that day. I cast that care on Him and let go of my own understanding and immediately looked at my phone to see our service was restored! Yes, I praised the Lord; who gives every good gift!

When I called the internet company to cancel the service call, they even said we were eligible to receive a new free modem that would give us TWICE the internet speed we used to have! Again, I praise the Lord for double restoration and was very encouraged by that memory in the next few days.

Because our phone service was back; I was able to receive and make multiple phone calls that day. My Uncle Paul (the same uncle from that dream!) called me because he felt that God laid on his heart for me to continue and persevere in seeking the Lord! That has never happened before and seemed to be a direct link to the dream and the Heb.12 word! Naturally; I shared the dream with him because of the detail of the word given to him within it. (We reap what we sow!)

Later my parents were able to contact me and inform me that my dad was going to the E.R. and the battle in persevering prayer and praise continued!

There are a lot of details that I forget but, after a mis-diagnosis at the ER (or unseen healing of my dad’s kidney) they sent him to the Hospital; where he had Scans, tests, MRI’s X-rays, etc…They thought he had a kidney problem but now believe he had viral meningitis and enterovirus but, he spent the next 4 days in the hospital because they never did pinpoint what it was precisely.

SATURDAY morning Grace was almost completely healed but, Daniel woke up with what looked like pink-eye. We had Kate’s long-awaited, annual work picnic and our niece’s birthday party scheduled for the day so, believe it was another attempt from the enemy to prevent and steal. I sought the Lord, alone and felt that he wanted us to go and have fun and also “heard” ~ “I have never had a bad idea in my entire “life”.” I was reminded that God has never ever lost and he never will lose because he cannot be defeated! Our God is so much more awesome than we know and could ever give him credit for!

So, we went to our events (after praying for Daniel) and believed/thanked the Lord for his healing. After dropping the family off at the next party, I drove to Lancaster to pick up my Pastor so that we could go to the Hospital to anoint my dad with oil and pray for healing (according to James 5:12-15)My dad did feel a good bit better after we prayed and even started to declare God’s Words but, he did not jump up out of bed completely healed. (yeah, that’s what I was hoping to see!)

SUNDAY morning, praise the Lord! Daniel’s eye was completely better without any medicine! The rain and clouds cleared and it was a beautiful fall day with my wife’s family. However; my dad had a rough day in the hospital despite our prayers and his pastor/elders had also prayed with oil.

MONDAY morning my brother informed me that my dad was still not doing very well and after seeking the Lord about whether to pray and fast; I felt lead to call AWMI.Net for prayer. Immediately after I very briefly explained the situation to the lady; she mentioned Psalm 118:17  (the same verse!) again for my dad; which was a huge boost in faith! Later, I asked my friend to meet me at the hospital and play violin for my dad; which was a huge blessing to my dad! She played, prophesied and shared some deep truths from the Scriptures with us and encourage us to listen to Andrew Wommack’s teaching about “Spiritual Authority”.

TUESDAY afternoon I was in prayer, seeking the Lord and actually felt lead to call my dad and as I was talking to him the Dr. came in. I felt from the Lord that the long-awaited lab results had arrived and immediately texted my dad ~ “You are healed! We prayed according to Scripture, in Jesus name without any doubt and that’s the final Word! God said it and that settles it!”

As it turns out; they did get the lab results at that time and it did show up negative for everything they had tested. He was healed! Praise the Lord! He was released from the hospital and will not be affected by the sickness that has been removed from his body (whatever it was).

Was that the giant? I believe so. We rested in Jesus’ righteousness and His work already accomplished 2000 years ago! We came in the name of the Lord because He already overcame the world and the one born of God overcomes the world by faith! (1 John 5:1-5)

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12) and Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9But resist him, firm in your faith…” (1 Peter 5:8,9)

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