Access to the Holy of Holies NOW!

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Jesus IS the way, the truth and the life but, this verse does not say that he is the only way to Heaven (although that is clearly true) but it says that he is the only way to the Father! God the Father is our destination…Heaven is simply icing on the cake but the reality of the glorious promise is that we can have constant relationship with God the Father NOW! (John 14:6)

**I hope the links to these verses are not distracting. Every other link is bold or italicized for easy clicking access for your further study. Be blessed!**

Look! The Lamb of God which has come to take away the sins of the world! Not only our sins, who have believed, but even the sins of the whole world by one perfect sacrifice He has completed forever those who are being sanctified!

The righteous blood of the Lamb was poured out at the cross to remove all sin once and for all! He has reconciled us forever with God and by faith in his righteousness; we have forever received the abundance of grace and free gift of HIS righteousness so we have become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! HOW? Because He who knew no sin became sin for us in the flesh ONCE that we would become righteous in the spirit forever because the righteous requirement of the Law is now fulfilled IN us and not BY us so our spirit is no longer dead but alive because of His righteousness!

NOW that we are reconciled at the cross/altar we are being called into the Holy of Holies of God the Father’s presence and Shekinah glory! We look into the Brazen Laver/Sea of Glass/Word of Truth and see that we were dirty and stained but now we are a new creature created in righteousness, holiness and truth! The old things (of our spirit man) have passed and ALL things (spirit man) are completely new creation in Christ Jesus because we were joined to him in death in baptism (brazen laver) and raised up in new life and seated with him in the Heavenly realm with every (not some or most but EVERY) spiritual blessing because we are joined to the Lord in spirit! 

We don’t OBTAIN a new spirit and a new heart; we have received it by grace through faith! The blood is able to cleanse our conscience from dead works of the law/flesh/religion but it is only ABLE if we believe it is able! Without faith none of this works because the righteous live and walk by faith because only faith pleases God and whatever is not of faith is sin! But the blood is also able to cleanse our hearts! So we can love from a pure heart, clean conscience and sincere faith because we see ourselves in Christ and not in the flesh because whoever is still in the flesh cannot please God! But we are not in the flesh but in the spirit because the spirit of Christ is in us!

In the mirror of the word of truth we see what God has declared over us and we believe with our hearts and confess with our mouths that “it is no  longer I but Christ living in me the life I live in the body; I live by the faith of the Son of God who loves me and gave himself for me! This is fixing our thoughts on things above and not things below because our real life is hidden with Christ in God and we must allow Holy spirit to reveal to us within the Scriptures our real identity in Christ by renewing our mind in truth! This is how we prove God’s good and perfect will in our lives first; not by debating doctrines among Christian denominations for 2,000 years and creating over 30,000 different branches when Jesus said that it was his will that “We be one as he (God is one)”.

One Body of Christ. One Temple of God. United in love, true agape, selfless love; which is the perfect bond of unity.

The New Covenant is ours and it is not a new list of rules but a promise of relationship with God forever that is now! It’s a new creation in Christ that has begun and we will be conformed to the image of Christ in this age because he has justified us, called and even glorified us now in the spirit! All of these promises are manifested to us in relational knowledge with him (2 Peter 1:2-8). NOT knowledge OF him (which is still good) but, experiential intimacy with Him. We grow in relationship with God the same way we do with people. We don’t simply read blogs or biographies of our spouses to get to know them…We sit and talk to them and pour out our hearts to each other! (What’s the difference between knowledge about God (gnosis) and true knowledge of God (epignosis) despite the fact that they are both almost always translated the exact same word in the Bible?)

God the Father is waiting for all of his children to seek him above everything else in this world because knowing him, relationship with him is the reason he created mankind!

Jesus is the way and has made the way! We approach the throne of God to receive mercy and grace at any time, any place in our daily life that we want because we worship in spirit and truth (the truth is that our spirit is righteous forever in Christ!) and we have constant access to Almighty God, who is our loving Father that gives only good and perfect gifts to His children!

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