Why Trick or Treat?


This is not meant to be legalistic in any religious way but, for consideration of how we walk in wisdom and light in continual relationship with the Lord and teach our children to do the same…by example.

“Trick or treat”? How about no tricks? What kind of trick are they trying to sneak into your kid’s life? Who cares about the free treats? What about the possible 1% of darkness that you welcome into your child’s vulnerable life? Is any person wise and discerning enough to prepare for every potential evil snare that the enemy may have laid before you and your precious family?

It doesn’t matter how many people are good enough to give your child treats and only want to have fun. It’s the 1% (maybe it’s less, does it matter?) that are mean or just unhappy enough to want to spoil everyone’s fun that we need to completely avoid. How many years and how many houses will a person avoid the roll of the dice?

Find another way to entertain your child rather than “Trick or treat”. “What fellowship does light have with darkness?” Be wise and discern the will of the Lord. Why trick or treat at NIGHT? Why witches, goblins, ghosts, skeletons?


Is this a celebration of treats, light and life or DEATH, darkness and tricks?

It’s not about being religious and simply not celebrating Halloween because of rules. It’s simply about protecting what we and God value very much…the lives. The innocence. The safety and FAITH of our children. Our inheritance from the Lord to protect, cherish and direct in the way of light!

Look, I live in faith not fear and am completely convinced of Psalm 91 promises for my family but, how can we walk out into the darkness with the blind world and claim to still be abiding in the shelter/rest of the Most High?

Whatever is not of faith is sin. Maybe, it’s not so much about “sinning against God” but about being faithful with what we have been given.

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