God Died and You are in His Will.


God had a Will, an inheritance planned before time began. Before the Foundations of the world, the Lamb was slain. He was slain because God had already planned to die and give us His inheritance! Maybe the Scroll with 7 seals that the Lamb opens in Heaven (Rev.5,6) is God’s will. The New Covenant.

Jesus couldn’t receive His own inheritance when He walked the earth as the Word of God made flesh. He was like Abraham who saw the Promised Land but was not able to obtain even a foot’s length of the inheritance because the Will/Covenant was not available until He died. It had to be inaugurated with blood!

However; we are like sons of Abraham to receive the Promises given him and his ancestors simply by faith in Jesus Christ! In Christ we are already blessed with every spiritual blessing in our spirit. We are joint heirs to His inheritance and Holy Spirit is given to us to open our eyes as we search the Scriptures to reveal the riches of what we have already been given!

The Creator, ruler and Almighty God over the entire universe has divided his inheritance and has promised to give us all things! We can’t do anything to earn what Jesus earned for us…we can only receive his gracious gift by faith.

The Beauty of our inheritance is not just forgiveness of sins and eternity with God in Heaven but, life and life abundantly now too! Jesus hardly ever mentioned forgiveness of sins or Heaven compared to life in the Kingdom of God! Jesus didn’t speak of us and Him. He spoke of us connected to Himself. Too many times we talk like we are separate from Christ but, the entire New Covenant is filled with language that identifies as as one…joined to Christ!

It’s not that we look like Christ in the flesh or that we always think like him or even act like him…although we desire to grow in His likeness daily…but, deep down in the depths of who we truly are; we are joined to him. We are one Spirit with Christ. The 2 have become 1. This is the New creation that never existed before Jesus made the way!

His inheritance is given to us because we died with him and were literally raised to new life with him at the Throne in Heaven! He gave us his power and authority. He offers us His name. His instructions were basically ~ “Abide in me”. Remain in my love.”

“Love as I have loved you.”

His commands are not grievous. His promises are ALL available to us in faith. God has died but, He has returned and he brought us his inheritance with him. God is here and He always will be.

One thought on “God Died and You are in His Will.

  1. Good Word!!!! I love what you said, “we search the Scriptures to reveal the riches of what we have already been given!” Yes! Yes!! With eyes to see and ears to hear, the Word is a cornucopia of treasures and hidden splendor that is revealed deeper and higher and broader and fresher and new every morning!!!! With child-like anticipation and curiosity I LOVE to see what God will reveal each day and I am amazed, filled with Awe and Wonder that in the eternal NOW all is revealed yet there is always more to come!!!!!!!! ~Yvonne

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