My Levels of Unbelief

We all have the measure of faith given by God. Every believer has Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Faith in them but, we probably also all have unbelief.

When the Disciples failed to cast out the demon in the epileptic boy they were confused. Jesus had already given them the authority and power (Luke 11) and they had exercised it enough to be confident but, they still failed. When they asked Jesus “Why?” He said because of their unbelief.

He didn’t say because they needed more faith; although they had asked him to give them more faith! Andrew Wommack teaches this and it really resonated with me. Jesus revealed to them that all they needed was “a mustard seed (the tiniest seed) of faith” and that would be enough to “move mountains”.

He declared to them “Do not doubt; only believe.”

That always sounded like an oxymoron to me but I believe the truth is that we do have the measure of faith given from God and that “seed of faith” is more than enough! However, we probably all also have some unbelief.

Our lack of faith is not the problem, unbelief is the problem.

Maybe you think ~ Isn’t it 6 one way, half a dozen another?

I don’t think so. We who are born again are believers. A believer is someone who believes. However, some of us have doubt…maybe more doubt than others. Paul boldly declared “We have the same spirit of faith and therefore we speak!” However; we are all in different stages of renewing our minds in God’s Truth.

That is where the unbelief lies. I want to explore some of the different stages that I believe the Lord showed me I have gone through..



Based on the words of Jesus; specifically the verse below.

Mark 11:23 ~ “Truly I say to you that whoever shall say to this mountain, ‘Be you taken away and be you cast into the sea,’ and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he says takes place, it will be done for him.”


More than 50% Unbelief ~ I believed God’s Words were true but, this must not mean exactly what it says. I was convinced that Jesus and the words recorded were historically accurate but, it simply must’ve been a riddle that I didn’t understand. If I prayed according to this promise but, didn’t receive what I prayed for it simply must not have been God’s will.


Less than 50% Unbelief ~ I began to believe that Jesus did mean what He said but, we were supposed to believe that it would happen and eventually it would. However, Jesus said that we must believe that it has happened and then we would receive it but, I was not there yet. I also wasn’t completely convinced of God’s will in very practical areas of my life like “Healing, revelation and other “gifts”…”


Less than 25% Unbelief ~ I began to understand that Jesus meant exactly what He said. I was becoming convinced of Jesus as the revealed will of God to always heal, always provide for our needs and always give us his good gifts.


Less than 10% Unbelief ~ I believe this is where I am now, with regards to healing and miracles. As far as believing that I have what I ask for when I ask with no doubt; I believe that is clearly indicating that God releases it (possibly in the spiritual or unseen realm) when we completely believe. However; what we takes place in the spiritual realm may not manifest immediately in the natural realm. That’s why Jesus said “whoever..shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he says takes place, it will be done for him.”

We have to believe with 0% doubt that it has happened. Then it will manifest. I believe that is the prayer of faith articulated in James 5. I believe this principle can be applied to all of God’s promises which ARE yes and amen in Christ.Notice God’s promises already are fulfilled in Christ. Not they will be but they already are!

What stage do you usually pray from?

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