The NEW Living Way!



We know that Jesus is the “Only Way” to the Father. The Father was Jesus’ ultimate destination for us; not Heaven. Heaven just happens to be the Father’s “address.”

When we Mapquest an address, that address is not our focus. It’s the Who/What at the address that we set our thoughts on! We anticipate daily encounter with the Father, not simply Heaven after we die! Jesus defined THIS as everlasting life! The Life that Jesus lived and died is the “ONE WAY” to The Father, the Kingdom and “THE NEW WAY” of life! Jesus is not only “The New Living Way“, He is The “NEW WAY” of living!

*For my definitions of these different “WAYS” please see the bottom*


Originally there was also one Way given to mankind and that Way was “The Tree of Life”. Although an alternate way was present, they were told not to partake of that way because it caused death. The Original Way was “Thou Shall and Thou Shalt Not” However; even though mankind had already been created in God’s likeness, they doubted God and believed the lie. The lie was that eating the fruit would cause them to be like God.

They followed the other way and became like the liar. I think of this as “The Original Way” and the “Alternate Way”. I continue to ask God about the “Tree of K & E” because we know that everything God makes is perfect and good! There is a deep mystery about that Tree that I don’t yet understand that is liberating truth but, I am open to the idea that God did have good intention for that Tree at a later time. Perhaps after mankind trained his senses to discern good from evil like Hebrews 5:12-14 says; concerning the Word of Righteousness which is for the Mature. Please give me mercy and room for error on this mysterious subject and keep an open heart to Holy Spirit!

Romans 5 is a deeply profound message about the “Alternate Way” Adam chose to live which caused the “OLD WAY” versus the Old Way Jesus lived through faith and the “New Way” that He introduced. Consider Rom. 5:12 ~ “just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned”

Adam caused sin to enter the world which brought death. Without sin there is no death. Death had spread to all because all sinned! He was saying ~ “We do not die because we are human. Humanity dies because they have sinned.”

This “Alternate Way” was never part of God’s plan. However, God’s “Only Way” would prevail! Jesus was the Lamb of God, the “Only Way” that has overcome the world! Jesus did not please God by his works but because he worked through faith. Jesus did not overcome the world by his works or power but by faith because “faith is the victory that overcomes the world!”

But first, mankind had to understand how much lower our ways were than God’s Way! Because of the Israelites continual lack of vision and hard heart; God allowed them to choose “The Old Way.” I believe the OLD WAY was very much like God’s “Original Way” which was a Law of “Do Not Touch.” The OLD WAY was very much Like “The Original Way” but on steroids.


The Original Way of Thou Shalt Not increased in this Old Way because they were so incredibly hard hearted, sinful and stubborn! Because sin was abounding, God needed to reveal how truly wicked and powerful sin was! I believe the victory of Jesus’ life and death at the hands of God’s chosen Law-givers completed mankind’s wickedness necessary (?) to UNVEIL God’s perfectly New Way! The Old Way testified to Life and God’s righteousness but, the Gospel/ New Way fully revealed it by faith!

For the sake of time, I am not going to elaborate on the “Old Way” of life and death in the Law because we have had decades of Law and are all relatively familiar with it’s inability to give life. God’s “New Way” is life and life abundantly just as His “Original Way” was life but, now the abundant/everlasting Life is God himself inside us forever and we don’t have to continually eat the fruit of a Tree for our spirit to live forever. But, please continue to feed on His Covenant which is spirit and life to our minds, heart and body !


The Gospel of the Kingdom of God according to the Lord Jesus Christ IS the NEW WAY! This Greek word NEW is kainos which means ~ “completely unlike anything before it!” Since  that’s such a mouthful, I can understand why the Apostles and Jesus simply called it “The Gospel” or “The Word”. I always thought of the Gospel or the Word of God as the Bible but, the reality is that the Bible is more than the Gospel but, it records much of the journey of God’s children leading to the Gospel!

I can’t even define the entirety of this glorious Gospel because I am still learning it’s depths but, I can relate the Gospel to the previous Ways.

What I mean is that “The NEW Way” is not for us to try to live in the “Old Way” by applying some of “THE ONLY Way’s” principles. The NEW WAY is that the OLD WAY was fulfilled IN us by Christ so we can live in the NEW WAY by completely by The ONLY WAY!

The “NEW WAY” is God’s “Rest” which Jesus (The TRUE Father of our Faith) Authored and already finished so we could receive His inheritance! The Promised Land of Rest has been given to you to progressively receive by faith alone, which is the only way that ever pleased God!

Jesus, “The Way” lived under the “Old Way” completely as He declared the coming “NEW WAY!” We aren’t supposed to model Jesus’ life in the flesh on earth because He was living under the LAW and “THE OLD WAY” as He taught the “NEW WAY” that was on the Horizon! He prophesied about it but didn’t declare it’s inauguration until the Passover/Last Supper immediately before His death.

Jesus (The Last Adam) lived, died and fulfilled the “Old Way” so that He could receive HIS inheritance; which is “The NEW WAY”. The truly amazing part is that He took us with Him (in our spirit man) in His Death, Burial, Resurrection and even Ascension so that we could freely receive His inheritance in this life!

Romans 5:15 ~ “But so also the gift is not like the trespass. For if by the trespass of the one, the many died, how much more did the grace of God and the gift in grace, which is of the one man Jesus Christ, abound to the many!”

The gift is so much more than Salvation; that is literally being birthed INTO the gift and that’s why No one is able to SEE the Kingdom of God unless He is born again!

The “NEW WAY” is Kingdom Life (according to the Gospel) because 16The gift is not like that which came through the one who sinned…Jesus’ “NEW WAY” is nothing like the “OLD WAY”!

17For if by the transgression of the one, death reigned through the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” ~ Rom.5:17

Adam ultimately caused death which lead to Moses'”OLD WAY”  but none of that reigns or has dominion over us anymore! As those WAYS increased sin, death, sickness, disease, poverty, etc…the “NEW WAY” of approval with God by grace through faith has GIVEN back our dominion IN CHRIST! Adam had given Mankind’s Dominion to Satan (The Adversary) in the Garden at a Tree but, Jesus WON His inheritance back after His garden on a tree!

This is why Paul prayed that believers 18I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, 19and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe.” ~ Ephesians 1 .He follows those verses up by declaring that Jesus is already reigning over all and His Dominion is through us and will increase until Christ fills everything!

Dominion over the works of the devil (The Kingdom of God) has been given to any who will receive it by faith! The “NEW WAY” is faith in Jesus victory that already overcame the world because “For everyone having been born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory having overcome the world: our faith.”



*Definition of these “WAYS” according to my current and growing understanding *

The Original WAY ~ “Law of Life” Genesis 1:28-30 & 2:16,17 ~ The Tree of K&E apparently had no seed to reproduce life in it ~ Selah

Alternate WAY ~ “Law of Sin and Death

Old WAY ~ “Law of Life and Death”

Only WAY ~ “Law of Faith” ~ The Law Jesus lived by!

NEW WAY ~ “Law of Christ” or “Life and Life abundantly”

Please allow mercy for my continued insight in this journey!

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