The Last Reformation (A Fictional Short Story)

Imagine if Heaven sent out an invitation to a free online, televised broadcast to every person in the world! Directly from the Throne, Jesus would be speaking His Message personally to everyone who tuned in!

How many Christians would tune in? Probably almost all.

How many curious unbelievers would tune in? Probably quite a few.

Now imagine that the big day arrived and billions of people were grouped together with food, family and friends. This is an event beyond the scale of the biggest Super Bowl ever because the appeal reaches every single age group, ethnicity and culture in the world!

The Program begins with amazing worship from Angels in Heaven and every individual that had tuned in was transfixed! Every person was franticly calling, texting or posting on Social Media to inform every one they knew that wasn’t watching about this monumental occasion! No one wanted any one they knew to miss out on this divine blessing from Almighty God that is given for all mankind to receive!

The Beautiful worship ends and the camera is finally directed towards the One to Whom all worship is directed!

Hearts are pounding with excitement at the wonder of what Jesus will do or say! People are gasping in awe at the overwhelming majesty of the Lord and King of the universe! His face exudes gentle wisdom and powerful peace that no one has ever imagined! He absolutely radiates profound joy and delight sparkles in his eye like diamonds in Sunlight.

The world has come to a stand still. Without saying a word; the Lord Jesus has captivated the entire earth’s attention. Millions of people lay on the floor with tears gushing from their faces; which they will not turn away from the television screen. Hearts and minds have opened to the humble King of love and time itself seems to have stopped for the first time around the entire world at once!

The earth is almost completely quiet in rapt anticipation and expectancy.The Lord smiles, knowingly and thoughtfully. He simply says ~

“I love all of you.”

Instantly billions of people laugh, cry, rejoice, shout and give him praise! The Lord patiently waits until he knows that they are quiet again and ready for his next words. He goes on ~

I love all of you equally and my love for you will never change. It will no increase or decrease not matter who you are or what you do.”

This time billions of people who had lived in open sin continue to rejoice and give the Lord praise probably even more but, it’s not quite as complete as before. There appears to be some confusion among some Christians who had thought that God loved them more than others. Some have slightly confused looks on their faces as if they don’t fully understand why they had been doing whatever they had been doing “In His Name” for so long.

The Lord seemed to be aware of the mixed reception of this message and the Christians perceived that He was aware, so they continued to wait. However, many waited with a hint of self-focused concern about their “reward”that they were due. Many minds were racing with thoughts like:“If he loves those sinners the same as me; what kind of reward am I going to have to prove my service to Him?” and things like “What was the point of all my years of love-labor?”

Jesus allowed this slightly awkward pause to continue until every heart and ear was once again inclined to His words and spoke one last time ~

“I do love, have loved and will love every person that ever existed exactly the same forever because I AM love and love never changes. Love never fails. I love the Apostle John to the exact same extent that I love Hitler, Stalin and Nero. I love all of you with the exact same measure that My Father loves me. Believe and receive my love. Abide in my love.”

Immediately  hundreds of millions of people jumped up and shouted “AntiChrist!, “False Prophet”, “false Christ!” and stormed out. Some people shut off the device and started preaching about how God was going to judge that false teacher and condemn all of his followers to eternal Hell. Others begin texting, calling and posting Social Media messages about the “Strong Delusion” that was sent to deceive many or “The Son of Perdition” that MUST come before the “Lawless One!”

In all of the confusion, millions of previously atheistic, non-religious people sat stunned and in relative silence. The One that they had almost unanimously believed in more and more with every single word He spoke, was suddenly being brought into question by the people who they had thought loved him the most. Many passionately stood up to defend their newfound Savior and Lord, only to be shouted down by a barrage of condemning Scripture verses like stones to the face.

They couldn’t stand the onslaught of Bible passages wielded like sharp accusations against who they had been and all of the sins they had committed. The Words from the Scriptures were being used against them like a Sharp Two-edged Sword from the mouths of His followers and they had no defense; except what Jesus had just said.

They held up Jesus’ encouraging Words like a shield against the accusations from their Brethren but the burning arrows sunk deep into their hearts because they did not understand the profundity of Jesus declaration of love for them. They did not know that “Love keeps no record of wrongs” and that they had already been forgiven by God. They were suddenly being reminded of all that they had done against Jesus and all that they had never done.

It had become a personal attack on their life. Their accusers waged war by also reciting years of service and performance that they had done for Jesus while the sinners had chosen to waste their lives in selfishness, loving themselves and not others. The newly born Christians were accused of having no idea what true love was like; they were called fools with no wisdom and unrighteous. They were told that they couldn’t believe every spirit from Satan that disguised itself like “an angel of light”.

Meanwhile in Heaven; the Lord sat quietly. He wasn’t surprised in the least but, it was still not enjoyable for him to watch. All of the angels stood at attention, eagerly awaiting any orders.

The Lord of Hosts and King of Kings looked at One remaining Angel from a group that had been pre-chosen since before the foundation of the earth. He handed the angel one last Scroll.

“Go.” He said.








Jesus happily shouted to all of Heaven “It’s time for the last Reformation!”






The Angel flew from Heaven carrying the Last Scroll entrusted to it. For thousands of years; this angel had been waiting to see the purpose of his mission. He was only a messenger, he needed no special anointing or preparation. He only needed to obey his single order and the time had finally arrived.

He eagerly longed to look into these things that had been prepared for God’s chosen. As he flew, he peeked into the inside of the scroll and his thoughts were confirmed.

All of Heaven had been paying very close attention to the affairs on planet earth. They all were in near agreement that this would be the Declaration on the Scroll.

“The Love Reformation”.

2 thoughts on “The Last Reformation (A Fictional Short Story)

  1. I wrestled with this representation. This is NOT a prophecy. It would not be God’s heart in this “Better Covenant” to prophesy millions of his people arrogantly rejecting their own Savior and Lord.

    This is only fiction.

    If any part of this causes any accusing thoughts towards anyone; take it as a point of intercession.


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