In the Storm

We lost a child in the womb last week. I was believing for a miracle, even after the placenta/fetus sack came out until after the ultrasound. I have much too learn about “The Faith” but, was convinced enough to tell the ultrasound tech that we were expecting a miracle. After the ultrasound showed an empty womb; the only thing that the Lord lead me to say was “Father, be glorified in your son.”

Today, the Lord protected our other 2 children from a potentially similar outcome.




I was in serious need of a bathroom visit as the kids and I arrived home from the grocery store. I unloaded both of them from the truck and told them to go play. I ran inside with a few cold groceries and did what I needed to do.

When I came outside less than 5 minutes later, Daniel was in the driver’s seat and Grace in the passenger’s. Apparently, I had left at least one door open and they had decided to play in the truck instead. I had stepped outside our basement door, which is not 10 feet from where my truck was parked; next to a huge foundational post on our deck.

This all happened very fast and yet in slow-motion….

I started to step out of the basement and say something corrective just as Daniel (not yet 3) began to shift the truck’s transmission into neutral. The truck began to roll backwards towards our very steep downward hill that we call our driveway.

All that I had time to say as I ran to the truck was “Lord!”

The truck stopped after only rolling about a foot.

Apparently, I had done something right. The truck was parked just close enough to the deck post that a few inches of the door’s edge caught the post. The truck hung up on the post long enough for me to leap into the truck cab face first and jam my hand on to the break pedal. (I am just now realizing why my hand feels so weird…haha)

I shifted the truck into park and pulled the keys.




Our mouth’s demonstrate what is in our heart’s in the midst of a crisis.


When we don’t have time to think but simply react; we reveal who we trust in and what we believe. If we are filled with faith through hearing the Gospel; trust automatically comes out! I am talking about the spontaneous reaction or what is second nature too us. That is whatever we profess when it’s crunch time. Especially, when there is no time to think about the “Christian” thing to do.


When the disciples were in the boat and the storm came; they demonstrated what was inside them by their words. Fear, panic, worry, doubt…these are not simply thoughts that cross our minds and we occasionally entertain in a moment of weakness. They can be strongholds or thought patterns that we actually live by without realizing it.

When we renew our minds in the Truth of the Good News; those things become completely foreign to us. “Whoever fears has not been perfected in love…”

I have not arrived to this place of “being perfect love” in all things but, I have left…and I’m not going back.

Why doesn’t the church as a whole focus more on the sin of not abiding in God’s perfectly selfless love and sincere faith? (1 Tim.1:5, John 15:9)

Maybe because things like sex, drugs and murder are much easier to overcome and therefore condemn than selfishness and unbelief.

Which is the sign of maturity according to God? Sin is a distraction. Faith through love is the focus. One way divides but The Way unites.

When we fail outwardly; it is only fruit of an internal issue. Adam and Eve didn’t fail because they ate the fruit. They ate the fruit because the failed…they failed to believe God.

If they had believed God; the temptation of the Adversary would have been downright laughable. It wouldn’t have even been a temptation at all.

They doubted God’s words. Or they doubted His goodness or wisdom but, either way; it was unbelief that caused them to eat the fruit.

That’s why Hebrews 11 is so emphatic about all of the overcomer’s in the Old Testament having overcome by faith. Even Abel is said to have prevailed by faith; not because of the fruit of his faith, which was a pleasing offering.

How many times have you heard that Abel pleased God because he offered the proper sacrifice? That is what I was always taught and it can be inferred from Genesis 4:4,5 UNLESS, someone knows the Gospel and/or has read Hebrews 11.

Hebrews 11:4 ~“By faith Abel brought God a better offering than Cain did. By faith he was commended as righteous, when God spoke well of his offerings…”

Yet, the emphasis in Sunday School was always on the works of Abel versus the works of Cain. That’s what I always heard. I don’t recall one person in my entire life articulating what Hebrews 11:4 clearly revealed.

Yes, we need to renounce sin. But, what about the sin of unbelief in “all of God’s promises”?  What about the sin of not loving our brethren with the exact perfect, selfless love of Jesus to us?

Look, I am preaching to myself because I have failed this every day of my life…including today. But, we can’t get to where we are supposed to go until we know where we are going.

I am not focused on fulfilling a written code. God never desired a written set of rules for his children. We are called to focus on abiding in Christ.

By faith.

In love.

Only what is done in faith pleases God. Anything not of faith is sin. Whoever does not love their brethren does not love God because God is love.

What if the next time a storm comes; I simply remain in faith concerning the love of God for me?

I bet, my attitude, fruit and works will all be much more Christ-like…without me even having to strive to “do the right thing”.



Nothing else matters!

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