Is God a Hypocrite?


A few years ago, I began to realize that God is not angry at the planet and not going to literally destroy it. There were certain Scriptures that began challenging my worldview of a coming destruction on the entire planet by a wrathful God.

Consider Rev.11:18 ~ “And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath came… and to destroy those who are destroying the land.” I think it’s important to note that most versions of the Bible interpret the Greek word “ge” as earth instead of land. I am writing with the belief already settled in my mind that God meant “land” but, most people hear and think it means “earth”.

Firstly, why would God be so angry about people destroying the earth, since the end of the book seems to indicate that God would destroy it anyway?

Isn’t that hypocritical? Maybe, he just wanted the pleasure of destroying the earth himself. No. That’s not who God is.

Did you know that God already destroyed the planet? Oh yeah. The Bible records it very clearly in Genesis 6:13 & 9:11. God, himself is recorded as declaring that the flood destroyed the earth. Do we really believe that he promised not too destroy the planet by water again; only to introduce “The Good News” (which is a Better Covenant) and declare a much worse destruction of many more people in raining fire? Wow. That’s some loving Father that we have been sold…Thanks for such an amazing Gospel, Jesus…

Maybe, we just don’t understand God’s use of words the way he meant them. Is it possible that language has changed over the course of thousands of years? These words recorded in Hebrew and later Greek have probably taken on different meaning to us who speak a completely unrelated language in a completely different culture.

We need to stop reading ancient middle Eastern text from a modern day American mindset.

God’s not a hypocrite. He’s not mad. He’s not going to destroy the planet and he’s not going to eternally condemn billions of people to never-ending torment because they didn’t receive the free gift of his love in Jesus. That’s not Good News. It’s not even mediocre news…considering that many hundreds of millions (maybe billions?) of people died without ever hearing about our amazing Lord Jesus Christ; that is flat out bad news.

It’s also a completely foreign idea to the ancient Hebrew belief that expected the Messiah to come and give life (and resurrection) to the righteous! They had no expectation of an after-life for the unrighteous. In their minds; the unrighteous dead just stayed dead.

Honestly, that sounds a lot better than the “so-called” good news that modern day Christianity has swallowed about all unbelievers being tortured forever in painful fire by a God that would completely destroy heaven and earth (why couldn’t the old Heaven stay? Isn’t that where God “lives”?) Is that really the best plan God has?

No. That symbolism needs to be taken for what it was meant to be.


God’s good. All he does is good. If we can’t find his goodness in the Good News, we have been deceived.

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