Godly Approval or Approval of Man?

in Acts 10, Peter finally understood that the Gentiles (Nations/ethnicities) were all included in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God!
No disrespect to Peter but, Jesus had already commissioned them to declare the Gospel to the ends of the inhabited world! He saw a heavenly vision not once but 3 times! The Holy Spirit spoke to him and confirmed by sending angelic messengers so that Peter would meet a Gentile ready for the Gospel.
Peter must have had serious issues embracing God’s approval and love for all people because God really stressed his point.
Finally, Peter preached the Gospel to the Gentiles and even before they were baptized, the Holy Spirit filled them up! (Acts 10:44-46)
Then Peter commanded that these Spirit-filled gentile believers be baptized.
Maybe, I’m wrong but, did he just miss it there? Did they need baptized with water after they were already baptized with the Holy Spirit? Wasn’t the point of water baptism to point to the TRUE baptism of the Spirit? They already had the real deal. The point of water baptism was to signify them being cleaned up for the Holy Spirit fill up and yet Peter thought they needed cleaned up after they were already filled up?
It’s like the church saying ~ “We see that you have God’s approval. Now, do what we say so that you can have our approval.”
Yes, baptism is instructed and good but, isn’t it really just to identify what has happened in the past, since we died with Christ 2,000 years ago? Baptism symbolized our being buried with him and the Holy Spirit filling us is the TRUE reality of our being alive with him!
The Holy Spirit is the promise of life. Baptism was identifying with Jesus’ death but the Holy Spirit is the reality of His Life!
If someone gets filled with the Holy Spirit, do they need to be baptized? Haven’t they already received the death of Christ via faith in the Gospel as evidenced by the Holy Spirit?

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