Little Decisions. Big Results.

I just made a seemingly tiny decision that has huge implications. In the short term, it may seem like no big deal…but in the long run, I believe it will be very rewarding.

Our 5 year old Grace really loves to color, draw and paint. What 5 year old girl doesn’t? I am always very intentional to compliment and praise about her “artwork”. I use very uplifting words and make it a point to save them for Mommy to see when she comes home from work.

But the artwork begins to pile up. Like everything else in life; space and time are limited so I eventually end up facing a decision. Just like Christmas and birthday cards ~ “How long do I keep this?”

Today, I found myself holding 2 small pieces of paper with her first “real paintings”. They were seriously good for a 5 year old with no real training. The colors and shapes were actually inspiring and one even reminded me of what some modern abstract artists may sell for a small fortune. There I was just tossing them into the trash can and that same thought struck me again ~ “How can I throw these away?”

Too late. They were in the trash. I started to methodically return to my busy schedule of cleaning house…just like a heartless machine.

Wait a minute! I’m not heartless. It’s not too late. I can change this now!


I quickly rescued them from their smelly new residence among coffee grinds and more coffee grinds. I had made my decision.

I will not throw out my little artist’s “masterpieces”. I will not crush my daughter’s hopes and dreams of creating something beautiful.

Am I being overly dramatic? Maybe.

Or…maybe I just made a choice to value my daughter’s creations. Maybe I just saved her future from being thrown into the trash by choosing to demonstrate my belief in her treasures. If I continue to throw away her creative work now and for years to come…how will she ever be convinced that her efforts are valuable?

Seriously. That should be very thought-provoking.

Our children learn what we demonstrate; not what we say. What we do speaks volumes louder over what we try to teach them.

What if by choosing to buy a “scrap book” and take the time to work with her, adding each piece of art to it; I gradually inspire faith and hope in her.

Faith and hope in her ability. Instead of continual disappointment by throwing them away day after day and year after year…

I’m taking a stand. A stand against myself. A stand against the so-called practical side of me that “is too busy”.

I’m standing up for my little girl’s future.

We are going to “scrap book” her artwork. She can choose what she wants to do with it. But, I’m done throwing away her vision.

Her dreams and imagination are valuable to me.



**I started writing this at Daniel’s nap time. Half way through my writing, Grace walked over looking for something to do. I had already set out a 200 piece foam Christmas “Santa’s workshop” that I wanted nothing to do with. A 200 piece Lego castle set? That would’ve been a completely different story!

It was supposed to be for 6 year olds and up but, would have been impossible for her without my help. So, I set aside my writing and the profound book on God’s Covenant for 2 hours to work with her on it. It was totally worth it….It will be even more worth it decades from now…


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