What’s the point?

The point of this blog is always to share the Gospel of the Kingdom of God with born-again believers. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday and forever and He will be worshiped by all! I have not been gifted to evangelize to the lost (yet) but, to build on what has already been built by others…to inspire others to press in to maturity with a greater desire for righteousness, to seek the Kingdom of God and eagerly desire love, prophecy and all of the spiritual gifts!

Not that I have by any means already attained maturity but, I press on with confidence; fully assured that the author of my faith is more than able to complete what He started by His gracious Spirit working in me!

I feel called to walk with people like the Anabaptist, younger believers, protestants and like-minded people that may not be convinced of the current powerful work of God’s Holy Spirit but, want to know the truth (fully) and be set (fully) free! I pray to the Father that only good seed will be sown here and if any tares be found, He expose them and uproot them immediately, that I may judged by Him and Him alone who is worthy of all power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing!

Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, we must all stay in a place of repentance, seeking righteousness and His Kingdom (reign) in every area of our lives because He is more than worthy, more than able and always faithful! May we see His glory, the glory that He has given us that we (His body) will be one as He is one! (I’m not even sure what that means but, since Jesus prayed it in John 17:22; we need it and it will come to pass!)

The Kingdom of God is here!

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