The Word of God


I have briefly written on this topic in a few previous posts but, still have many unanswered questions and as I study, more seem to pop up. This page is dedicated to some of the questions (and hopefully answers) that arise from this study.

Here is a question that is merely food for thought: What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the phrase; “the Word of God”? Please answer below and know that this is only a question for the purpose of study and not debating the “right answer”. You may choose as many answers as you like…

This study is intended to answer the question: “What does God (according to the Scriptures) define as the logos/word of God?”

Which leads to other questions like: Is Jesus the logos of God? Is it the Gospel of the Kingdom of God? Is it the Bible? Are all 3 the same? Is the rhema/word of God the same as the logos/word?

I intend to present this without biased as I continue to learn what the Scriptures teach as opposed to doctrines of man. I don’t expect to have a complete understanding as I go through this study. I will probably make some wrong assumptions because of my limited understanding but, will always try to follow the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures and be completely honest in what I find.


2 thoughts on “The Word of God

  1. What is the difference between the ‘scriptures’ and the ‘doctrines of man’?

    I’d offer that the ‘word of God’ may be the principles and promises from the Bible that are known to always be true.

    Good luck! 🙂

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    1. That’s a good question Dave. I guess my thoughts would be most concisely put this way: The Pharisees strictly obeyed the literal, outward commands of the Old Testament and yet their hearts were hardened to their own Savior standing in front of them. They were so obsessed with observing every single visible detail in the Scriptures that they ignored the heart of the matter. There are about 40,000 “Christian” denominations who believe that they are obeying the Scriptures and yet the Bible makes it clear that God has 1 family, who is to be “one as He is one” in John 17:21. Somewhere in the history of the church, some doctrines of men have replaced the intent of the Scriptures and has been called “The Word of God” and “Pharisees” are the result. The Bible is true but, we all have some misconceptions of what that truth is, including myself. Thanks and God bless!


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